7 Berry Wedding Bouquets — See The Photos!

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Adding texture and depth to a bridal bouquet isn’t anything new — just look at all the succulent and thistle bouquets out there! But one fall and winter trend we’re dying over is adding fresh berries into the mix. Wild berries, blueberries, grapes, coffee berries, juniper berries and even hypericum berries have emerged as the newest wedding bouquet accent. Take a look at some of our favorites below, then browse all of our prettiest bouquets in our real wedding gallery!

Red Currant Bridesmaid Bouquet

Cassis berries can grow in vibrant red or darker blue (almost black) colors and give a bouquet a cascading effect. Currants can also come in a translucent, white color.

Elderberry Bridesmaid Bouquet

Elderberries are small dark bulbs attached to either a green or red vine, depending on the season and ripeness.

Snowberry Bridesmaid Bouquet

Snowberries form little white clusters…

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You Have to See This Wedding in the Woods

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Choosing a camp for your wedding venue sets the stage for some beautiful nature-filled scenery. Camp Mack was the perfect, forested location for Marisa and Eric’s Newmanstown, Pennsylvania wedding shot by Redfield Photography. The outdoorsy couple made the woods the backdrop for their rustic ceremony and reception decor. Every detail was focused on nature, from the bride’s amazing flower hairstyle, to the leafy, textured bouquets and boutonnieres (all designed by Daisy May Flower & Event Stylists). Marisa and Eric even performed the unity ceremony by watering a pine tree together!

The natural, jewel-tone color palette (think rich wine, forest green, dark navy and woodgrain) perfectly complemented the couple’s rustic-boho ensembles — the groom wore a charcoal suit jacket with mustard-colored khakis while the bride wore a flowy white gown. They used their monogram in dark navy color to tie together all the details.

See more from this simple wedding…

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Leaf Headpieces — Hot Fall Wedding Hair Trend!

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Stunning Idea!

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When we saw this gorgeous leaf headpiece from a recent country wedding in Pennsylvania, we had a lot of hair envy. The bride, Amanda, totally amped up her gorgeous multi-bun updo by adding this pretty gold hairpiece that’s covered in intricate flower and leaf details (almost like the one Lauren Conrad just wore!). The leaves and twig-like look of this hairpiece makes it perfect for a fall wedding, and there are multiple ways to take the nature-inspired headpiece and make it your own. We found everything from pretty headbands to adorable tiny leaf barrettes. Get inspired and shop the look below.

Leaf hairpieces | blog.theknot.com

1. Brass Oak Leaf Barrettes, $25, Etsy.com, 2. Chrysanthos Hair Vine, $515, BHDLN.com, 3. Fern Leaf Crown, $198, FreePeople.com, 4. Nina Crystal Hair Pins, $130, Nordstrom.com 5. Gilded Bloom Barrette, $120, Anthropologie.com

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The Sabotage of Scotland’s Democracy

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Interesting read….

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At the beginning of the two year referendum campaign on the question of Scottish independence the Department of the Taoiseach in the Republic of Ireland circulated a memo to all of the departments of the Irish civil service to the effect that the Irish government would remain silent throughout the campaign. It was to be understood that the question of Scotland’s future would be a matter for the Scottish people. Dublin is a small European capital where news gets around. Media and government in Ireland adhered to this principle of neutrality. As the campaign in Scotland progressed it became widely known in Dublin that the British government and the British Embassy were applying pressure on the Irish state and the press to speak out against Scottish independence. One source within Oireachtas Éireann, the Irish parliament, has let it be known that the agenda of the British government was to…

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Hen Night Budgetguide4brides style!

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faskally lodgesWell after one long year of planning (whilst drinking wine), stressing (whilst drinking wine) and panicking (whilst drinking wine), the Italian Wedding of my very dear friends, Jacqueline Fox (sorry Reilly, i’m never gonna get used to that!) and Kris Reilly  is now over and so is the after-party (whilst drinking lots of Limoncelo!!).

Whilst we tried to stick to our Budgetguide4brides motto “Look after the pennies and love will look after itself” it’s not always easy, but some great bargains and ideas were gained along the way!

To start with the Hen Night turned out to be a major success thanks to Faskally Lodges near Pitlochry in Perth, this really was a hen night to remember!!  Working out at around £60 per head, this covered three nights self-catering accommodation, which obviously results in byo booze, which we did, and then some!  The site hosts a restaurant, bar and a leisure suite, which was great for the hangovers.  We didn’t have a theme as such, as this can end up costly for all attending, we came up with a simple idea of wearing a hat of your choice.  The hen off course was the star of the show wearing a full Indian chief’s head-dress.

Jack hen 1

The weather was lovely on the first night, and on the afternoon of the hen the sun shone just as we were enjoying our bbq, which cost us £4.00 per head, on the deck overlooking the stunning backdrop of Loch Faskally. The heavens opened as we were waiting for our transport, but that just added to the hilarity.  Can you imagine the sight of 30 girls standing at the side of the road dressed as the village people waiting on a bus?

After an afternoon of champagne and cocktails, we headed out to The Fishers Hotel in Pitlochry, Perthshire, for a fun-filled night of dancing to a fantastic local band, the name of which I unfortunately didn’t get.  We then headed to MacKays Hotel for a midnight boogie. Their unexpected “Rave” they seem to have on a Saturday night, was just what we needed to finish off a fantastic night.

I think its fair to say that some wonderful memories were made, and some saucy ones (sshhh what happens on a hen night stays on a hen night!).

So girls, you don’t need an expensive, lavish hen night, you just need good friends and family, with a lot of booze thrown in for good measure!

Look out for more posts coming soon………….cio for now!

All wedded out…

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Worth a read pending brides!

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As some of you may know I got hitched a few weeks ago (hence the sudden gap between posts as I was a tiny bit pre-occupied) Needless to say there will be a full feature on my own wedding but this post is actually something slightly different and unusually personal.

I’ve spent the last few days trying to distill the various emotions I’m feeling about the wedding and I’ve come to realise that quite simply…I’m all wedded out. I was told by other women that after their weddings they felt depressed or became quietly jealous of any newly engaged friends. I was filled with some trepidation I’d feel the same and that somehow I’d be left a husk of a living thing because I’m no longer a Bride.

I’ll break what must be crushing suspense now and say…. I’m not. Not one bit. Infact I feel guilty typing this but I feel like i’ve…

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Even a wedding dress can be a bargain…

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Even a wedding dress can be a bargain...

My wedding last year cost just over £1000 for the whole shin-dig. And I’ll tell you now, it was unforgettable!
Ask any of our friends or family and they’ll tell you that I’m not your traditional ‘vision in white’ bride kind of girl. So after going through three other dresses (my mums wouldn’t fit as I was 5 months pregnant on the day!) I had a eureka moment when I popped into ‘Nikita Sablier’ my friends retro-repo clothing shop (sadly no longer in trade) for a chat about my dilemma. This white cherry print dress had just come in and strangely, was identical to a black one I already had and love…call it fate, but a quick try-on and £35 later, I walked out with a wedding dress that will most certainly be worn again and again. Thanks go to Nikki Noo, a true Fairy Godmother!

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