The Most Nostalgic Centerpiece We’ve Ever Seen (Plus 10 Ways To Use Dried Flowers)

The Knot Blog

When you know, you know! With amazing foresight, Michigan bride Shelley Clark collected a rose from every bouquet that her then-boyfriend now-husband gave her throughout middle school and high school and displayed them at their wedding reception. While you probably don’t have a collection of sentimental stems at your disposal, you can still take advantage of the nostalgic romance of dried flowers by including them in your bouquets, boutonnieres, wedding signage and reception centerpieces. See how Shelley showed off her dried rose collection, then check out the photos below to see how to pull it off at your wedding!

From the album: An Elegant Farm Wedding In Michigan

Dried Flower and Lavender Bouquet

From the album: A Rustic Cultural Wedding In Rhinebeck, NY

Dried Lavender Boutonniere with Feathers

From the album: A Modern Wedding In Princeton, NJ

Welcome Sign With Dried Bouquets

From the album: A Vintage Wedding In Paso Robles…

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